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Committees To Assist the Pastor with Parish Governance

Each parish in the Diocese of Ogdensburg is incorporated. The legal title of our parish is The Society of St. Patrick's Church. The current Diocesan Bishop is the President of the Corporation.
The other officers are the Chancellor of the Diocese, the Pastor and the two Trustees.

The Bishop delegates to the Pastor the care of the people in the parish, stewardship over the parish assets, administration of the Sacraments and pastoral governance. 
The Pastor is obliged by Canon Law to appoint a Finance Council and establish a Pastoral Council. These are dealt with in more detail below.

Parish Finance Council

"In each parish there is to be a finance council which is governed, in addition to universal law, by norms issued by the diocesan bishop and in which the Christian faitful, selected according to these same norms, are to assist the pastor in the administration of the goods of the parish" (Canon 537, Code of Canon Law) St. Patrick's finance council is currently composed of the Pastor, Deacon Pastoral Associate, the two trustees and two at large members of the parish. Meetings are at the call of the Pastor.

The current (2014-2015) Finance Council members are:

Rev. Donald Robinson, Pastor
Dcn. Kevin Mastellon, Pastoral Associate
Mary Navarra, Trustee
Paul Trimper, Trustee
Patrick Pearson, at large
Nate Holloway, at large

Parish Pastoral Council

Bishop Stanislaus Brzana directed that each parish in the Diocese of Ogdensburg was to establish a Parish Pastoral Council in a letter dated January 25, 1991. The Code of Canon Law (Canon 536) conveys to the local Bishop the decision on whether to require the establishing of Pastoral Councils.

In his letter, Bishop Brzana clearly sets forth the purpose of our Council:

"- provides leadership and direction in formulating and carrying out the goals and objectives of the pastoral activity of the parish.

- assists (sic. the Pastor) in developing a spiritual unity in the local parish through enhancing participation in the life of the parish on the part of all the faithful.

- participates in identifying and organizing the apostolic activities by which the particular parish meets the specific needs of the people.

In short, the Council helps the Pastor set policies, establish goals and priorities, plan the means of achieving the goals, and produces a plan of action."

Our Pastor meets regularly with the Parish Council. A summary of the Pastoral Council meetings can be found in the Parish Bulletin. The Bulletin is distributed in Church and is available on this website. Click on the News and Events tab. A drop down will take you to the current and recent published bulletins for our parish. See the Parish Calendar for the next scheduled Pastoral Council meeting. If no meeting is listed for this month, a meeting date has not yet been established.

The current (2014-2015) members of our Pastoral Council are:

Rev. Donald Robinson, chair
Rev. Joseph Christy, ex officio
Dcn. Kevin Mastellon, ex officio
Elizabeth Bamann, DRE, ex officio
Mary Izzo, Executive Secretary

Mary Navarra, Trustee
Paul Trimper, Trustee
James Fitzpatrick
Korleen Gould
Rosemary Deusser-Jensen
Richard O'Connor
Mary Weston
Kay Holloway
Mary Frances Coppola
Paul DiFabion
Tom Bartelson
Donald Johnson
Linda Watson


Buildings and Grounds

Several years ago the parish established a Buildings and Grounds Committee to work with the Pastor to identify and propose improvements to the grounds of the Church and Glenwood Cemetery.  The Committee meets four times a year and/or at other times when needed. If you are interested in participating in the Committee's work contact Fr. Don or Deacon Kevin.