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Educating our Children to the Ways and Wonders of the Lord

    The Church of St. Patrick's keeps God's love visible through its program of formation for children of all  ages.   Our          parish is pledged to support Catholic Education through our local Catholic School system, Immaculate Heart Central
    Schools, and through our parish programs of education and sacramental preparation led by Mrs. Elizabeth Bamann,
    Director of Relgious Education.


Catechesis to Children 

Religious education is offered to children in grades Kingergarten through eighth grade who attend public schools. Classes begin in September and run through mid-May. Classes meet Sunday morning in the Pastoral Center located at the rear of the Church. Call the Pastoral Center for further information.

First Eucharist at St. Patrick's --  May  2, 2015 at 10:30 am

Adults interested in assisting with the program as teachers should contact Mrs. Bamann through the Pastoral Center.

Children's Liturgy

Pre-school and elementary school children are invited to participate in a discussion of the day's Scripture presented  in an age sensitive format. The children are invited to gather before the Liturgy of the Word, receive a blessing from the celebrant and meet in the Chapel.  They rejoin their family when the Universal Prayers are completed.  Volunteers are needed to assist the parish by teaching and helping the teacher.  If you are interested, contact Mrs. Bamann.

Catholic School Board 

The parish is represented on the Immaculate Heart Central School Board by Fr. Robinson and a lay member of the parish.  If you think you might be interested in serving, contact Fr. Robinson.

Catholic School Administration

Administrative hiring and placement of staff for the Immaculate Heart Central School District is done by the district.  Click here or on the Schools tab for a link to the IHC web site and information about our Catholic Schools in Watertown.

Sacramental preparation for First Penance, First Eucharist and Confirmation are within the scope of the Director of Religious Education. For more information about these Sacraments and candidate preparation for them, click on the Sacraments tab.