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Welcome to St. Patrick's Online Giving

Electronic Giving lets you go from this page of St. Patrick's website to our online giving partner, Vanco Services, at any time to set up an automatic donation plan, change your donation plan, make a one-time donation or view your online donation history.

There is no cost to you for this new giving option. If you are currently giving on a weekly basis, you will no longer need to write out 52 checks a year or prepare 52 envelopes. And, when travel, illness or other circumstances prevent you from attending services, this program will allow your weekly offerings to continue on an uninterrupted basis.

As you contemplate future contributions to St. Patrick's, please consider Electronic Giving.

Electronic Giving will enable every household or individual to make their church offering using electronic funds transfer (EFT). You may already be using EFT to pay your mortgage, car payment or insurance premium through an automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account. Now you have that convenience online with St. Patrick's as well. And you can designate contributions to special collections that occur during the Church year online as well.

Electronic Giving enables your parish leadership to more accurately forecast cash flow to meet our pastoral and ministerial obligations. Please join your parish neighbors who have already signed-on for Electronic Giving. Click on the Electronic Giving button below and you will automatically be linked to create your giving profile. Thank you for choosing online giving to St. Patrick's.